About Us

Waldorf Street was born in Los Angeles in 2021. As the world kept turning duller, we wanted to bring some sparkle back into people's hearts.

Waldorf Street is designed to make you feel confident and gleaming. Our exquisite jewelry is going to make you radiate as if you were made of stardust.

Waldorf Street is a woman owned business. As she was landing in Los Angeles for the first time in 2014, Valentina was enchanted by the glistening city lights at night, and sought to translate that same feeling into her jewelry. That feeling is a feeling of hope, of exciting opportunities, a feeling that all your dreams can become true.

Waldorf Street is passionate about equality, and that is why our products are created for anyone who desires to wear them. Waldorf Street supports minorities and equal opportunities, and promotes inclusivity.

Our jewelry is packaged and shipped to you with love and gratitude from our Los Angeles office.

Waldorf Street hopes that every time you will wear your superlative pieces, you will experience that same feeling that will make you believe you can accomplish all your dreams.

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